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All garden hose fittings sold at PexUniverse have a regular 3/4″ male or feminine (backyard hose/faucet/sillcock/hose bib) common connection and work with valves and hoses bought at our website and elsewhere (residence enchancment shops, plumbing suppliers, and so on.). US customary garden hose thread (GHT) is 11.5 TPI (Threads Per Inch) and is commonly abbreviated as MGH or MGHT for male and FGH or FGHT for female connections.

Oil and Fuel – Oil and gasoline extraction purposes require reliable hydraulic coupling solutions in highly pressurized applications. Stucchi gives quick couplings you can depend on to provide a secure working surroundings and stop catastrophic failures. Maintain your equipment uptime with dependable high strain couplings and leak free connection options.

The pressure differential applied to the test object is necessary to know since air flow is relative to the applied strain differential. This pressure test point is normally measured in Inches of Water Column, or “wc. When you place a drinking straw into a glass of water and draw the water up the straw 1 inch above the water degree, that can be 1″wc pressure less than ambient air strain, or -1″wc. Should you apply a pressure to the drinking straw that causes the water stage in the straw to be below the water stage in the glass by 1 inch, that could be 1″wc higher than ambient or +1″wc. 28″wc is about 1 PSI (Pounds per Sq. Inch) stress. Inner combustion engine parts are often flow examined at 28″wc.

– Motors: 12/24Vdc, 500W to 3.0kW

– Pumps: 0.25cc/rev to 5.8cc/rev

– Tanks: 1.5Litres to 28L tanks usable volume (specials accessible on request)

– Pressures as much as 250bar, flows up to 18L/min.

– 3/8″ BSP Connection ports

– 08/20 Valve cavity port

– Inside check valve and adjustable relief valve

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