Canadian parliament eyes expansion of sports betting

Single-game sports betting could be coming to Canada soon with the national government taking up a bill that would change the country’s betting laws.

Canada currently permits only parlay bets on multiple sporting events, but that standard would be scrapped if the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, under final review by the House of Commons, is passed.

The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) stated earlier this month that the country currently sees $500 million in legal sports gambling annually, แทงบอล but that $4 billion is bet with offshore online sites.

Advocates for loosened legislation argue that the money generated in wagers would aid cities and provinces that are ailing financially.

“The CGA is pleased that the federal government has recognized the urgent need to amend the Criminal Code to offer safeguards to Canadians as well as an economic recovery tool for the provinces.” the CGA said in a statement.

“We can’t emphasize enough how this small change to the Criminal Code will help communities recover from the economic devastation of the COVID-19 shutdown.”

Conservative Saskatchewan MP Kevin Waugh told, “Implementing this change would be a massive boost to the tourism, sports, and gaming sectors, as well as a significant win for the workers and communities that rely on them. … Though I’m encouraged by the government’s apparent support for this proposal, I remain skeptical of their commitment to making it a priority.”

According to SBC Americas, the NBA, แทงบอล NHL, MLB, MLS Soccer and แทงบอล the Canadian Football Leagues have all express their support for Canada allowing single-event wagering.

–Field Level Media

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