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Hannon Hydraulics was originally established in 1976 to produce a few of the world’s largest hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders. Right this moment, the company is trusted by global OEMs, contractors and equipment service suppliers to manufacture, install, repair and substitute parts for a wide range of giant hydraulic equipment, industrial gear and heavy obligation equipment.

Based in 1984, World Extensive Hose & Provide (WWHS) has been Central Pennsylvania’s main distributor of hydraulic coupling and industrial hose, tubes, fittings, and adapters, and producer of custom hose assemblies. Whether or not your want is hydraulic or other industrial hose, formed steel tubing, fittings, adaptors, couplings, or custom manufactured assemblies specific to your wants, WWHS has the personnel and equipment to fulfill your necessities.

The art of making a leak-proof connection with hydraulic couplings is to tighten the couplings properly at the time of set up. An overtightened coupling may be just as apt to leak as an beneath tightened coupling. This is because over-tightening a coupling might end in overstressing and/or cracking. The torque values in the next desk give minimal and most torque suggestions. The minimum value will create a leakproof seal underneath most circumstances. Applying torque values greater than the utmost advice will distort and/or crack the fitting.

In his hydraulic coupler training video, Larry Kapper, security director for Paladin Gentle Development, says he studied more than 200 accidents that involved buckets separating from fast couplers and found that 98 percent of the incidents involved lack of operator training or operator error. “The operator is the last line of defense for protected operations,” says Kapper.

As you might guess from the title, an O-Ring Face Seal fitting makes use of an O-ring proper on the face of the fitting to eradicate leaks in techniques that make use of excessive-stress hydraulics. ORFS connections utilize O-rings which might be sometimes seated within the face groove of the fitting, and these elastomeric seals present a leak-proof flared tube fitting which should remove hydraulic leaks when properly implemented.

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