Govee WiFi TV LED Backlights Maxonar WiFi Enabled LED Strip Lights

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Best LED Strip Lights for Your TV

Bias lighting is cool for many reasons. LED retail store lighting. den led gia phuc scoop For one, it’s good for your eyes. Having a bright screen in a dark room can be tough on your eyes, so getting some light behind the screen helps. With the Govee Wi-Fi TV LED Backlights, you get some incredible bias lighting for your TV. This light strip doesn’t just splash a solid color behind your TV, but actually offers highly dynamic lighting that can add to the visual experience of whatever you’re watching.

Govee’s 12.5-foot light strip attaches to the back of your TV and uses 114 RGB LEDs in a number of individually controlled zones to make a veritable light show behind your TV. retail store lighting LED lights denledgiaphuc With the included camera attached to your TV and calibrated to your screen, the light strip can react to whatever’s displayed, helping a scene’s ambiance spread to the whole room. If there’s nothing on the screen and you still want a dynamic light show, you can run the Music Sync mode for lighting changes that react to audio. Since the setup connects to Wi-Fi, you also get the typical smart home controls.

Best LED Strip Lights for Your Room

LED lighting can enhance the look of any room. This kit from Maxonar comes with two 16.4-foot rolls, each packing twice the LEDs of competing brands for a total of six hundred emitters.LED shop lights den led gia phuc, online led store denledgiaphuc It also comes with a full DIY kit to cut, connect, extend these strips to match your dimensions exactly. Whether you’re lighting up a display cabinet or adding mood lighting to an entire room, this kit will deliver the brightness and customizability you need.

Since mood and accent lighting work alongside the other lighting in your room, smart home compatibility is more important than ever. Thankfully, these strips are Wi-Fi enabled and will work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home and even integrates with online systems such as IFTTT. Best LED Light Brands đèn led gia phúc

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