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Measuring Oil Temperature

To measure temperature of the oil in a hydraulic test kit reservoir, an atypical candy thermometer could be inserted via the filler opening after eradicating the protective screen, if any. Or by another entry hole which could also be accessible. To forestall entry of dirt, the entry gap should not be left open any longer than vital.

R7 Simulation Tester is designed for LRRS (Lifeboat Release & Retrieval system) to perform on-load and off-load take a look at. The equipment lifts up lifeboat by hydraulic power and takes over lifeboat weight. The operating personnel can pull the discharge handle to turn the release hook to open condition to test the operate of the gear.

Installation Method 1 (The traditional way):

1. Clamp the hose finish in a vise with mushy jaws. To forestall straight hose ends from spinning, screw it onto a male AN fitting first.

2. Lube the barb with clean motor oil.

3. Slide the Oetiker clamp(s) onto the hose.

4. Heat the end of the hose in boiling water for five to 10 seconds. This makes the rubber more pliable.

5. Slide the hose over the barbed fitting with a twisting motion.

6. Install Oetiker clamp(s).

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